zaterdag 16 mei 2009

24 april fifth day


today we went home. we leaved at 8 o'clock. with the buses again we had to sit in the bus together with 3at1. which I think is great.
we had great fun in the bus but of course we were really tired. because a whole weak of walking and having fun. I became really tired of.
but still it was fun. about an hour we had to wait for the ship. it was nice weather so it wasn't so bad.
than the ship we played some carts and watched the see. but again we had to go with the bus, for a long time.
the bus driver had to stop for a while at a truck stop.
there was a café so some people drinked something.
but than again in the bus.
we arived at school around 10 o'clock.
with a quick goodbeye to everyone a stepped in my fathers car and left.

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