zaterdag 16 mei 2009

24 april fifth day


today we went home. we leaved at 8 o'clock. with the buses again we had to sit in the bus together with 3at1. which I think is great.
we had great fun in the bus but of course we were really tired. because a whole weak of walking and having fun. I became really tired of.
but still it was fun. about an hour we had to wait for the ship. it was nice weather so it wasn't so bad.
than the ship we played some carts and watched the see. but again we had to go with the bus, for a long time.
the bus driver had to stop for a while at a truck stop.
there was a café so some people drinked something.
but than again in the bus.
we arived at school around 10 o'clock.
with a quick goodbeye to everyone a stepped in my fathers car and left.

vrijdag 8 mei 2009

23april fourth day


we had to be at harrow on the hil at nine o'clock because we'd go to the museum of your choice you're choice existed out of the science museum (my choice) or victoria and albert museum or national historic museum.

after that you had a afternoon free to do whatever you like.

wich meant for us (erik, robbin-jan, micha, martijn and me) to oxford street with the metro, than to tower hill to eat something. we lost micha and robbin-jan at oxford street.

after that to governtgarden. were we joint a show, in wich we had to lie down on the ground end a guy would walk over us juggling or on his hands.

after that we went to South bank.

than we went to Trafalgar squire  and to Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat,
wich I think was great, I really enjoyed it

22 april thrid day

again at eight a clock at civic centre and than walking to harrow on the hil.
we went to the Globe theatre, the theatre of shakespeare.
wich also had a shop, where you could buy some souveniers.
in the afternoon we wend to the imperial war museum. wich was very intresting. especialy the trenches and the airplanes.
went outside in a kind of park and had a lot of fun there.
we stayed there for an hour in wich you could do what you want throw a ball or just relaxing on the gras
after that we had to go back to civic centre and we had a dinner and had to go up.

21 april second day

we had to be early in the morning at civic centre in harrow.
we went by bus trough London.
and saw a lot of statue's and parks and an old school, it was great. After that we
had to walk and on a river cruise, we saw the big ben and also the parliament,buckingham palace, horseguards, downing street 10, than went with the bus to tower of London, and wih the rivercruise heading for the tower bridge/
after that back with the bus to harrow on the hill.
we had a dinner and needed to go up but we stayed awake for a while in wich we ate some candy and talked a lot and had a lot of fun together.

20 april first day

everybody was on time, and we all went pretty quickly in the bus.
we were in the bus together with 3at1, and the fun could start.

I had lots of fun in the bus with al the people it was great.

we drove first to Belgium after that France we had to wait a while for the passport controle.
when the boot went for England we looked at the docks.
looking over sea.

we had to go in the bus again and went for London

when we arrived there we learned to no our gasthome's we had miss yeo.

we had a dinner and went to bed.

vrijdag 17 april 2009

preperations 17 april

Where buisy with the preperations, and the assigments we had to do before we go to London.
I'm realy excited to go to London it wil be so much fun!
greets Huub