vrijdag 8 mei 2009

23april fourth day


we had to be at harrow on the hil at nine o'clock because we'd go to the museum of your choice you're choice existed out of the science museum (my choice) or victoria and albert museum or national historic museum.

after that you had a afternoon free to do whatever you like.

wich meant for us (erik, robbin-jan, micha, martijn and me) to oxford street with the metro, than to tower hill to eat something. we lost micha and robbin-jan at oxford street.

after that to governtgarden. were we joint a show, in wich we had to lie down on the ground end a guy would walk over us juggling or on his hands.

after that we went to South bank.

than we went to Trafalgar squire  and to Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat,
wich I think was great, I really enjoyed it

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